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56 of single people discuss their sex life with friends compared to 28 of those in relationships

By Morgan Wallace
Published in Psychology
February 02, 2024
2 min read
56 of single people discuss their sex life with friends compared to 28 of those in relationships

56% of single people discuss their sex life with friends, compared to 28% of those in relationships.

Sex Life

When it comes to discussing our sex lives, we often turn to our friends for advice, support, or simply to share experiences. But did you know that the topic of sex is more commonly discussed among single people compared to those in relationships? According to a global survey on sexual behaviors, 56% of single individuals openly discuss their sex life with friends, while only 28% of those in relationships engage in such conversations.

This intriguing fact sheds light on the differences between single and partnered individuals when it comes to seeking external perspectives on their sexual experiences. It suggests that singles may feel more comfortable discussing their intimate lives with friends, potentially due to the absence of a committed partner. With no one directly involved, single individuals might perceive a lower risk of judgment or repercussions when openly sharing their experiences.

Discussing one’s sex life with friends can serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows individuals to receive advice or seek validation from their peers. Friends can offer different perspectives, helping singles navigate the complexities of dating and relationships. By sharing personal experiences, they can exchange knowledge, discuss common challenges, and offer support, ultimately fostering a sense of camaraderie.


Furthermore, discussing one’s sex life can contribute to personal growth and self-discovery. Exploring and reflecting on one’s experiences with trusted friends can help individuals better understand their desires, preferences, and boundaries. These conversations often lead to increased self-awareness, enabling individuals to make more informed choices and establish healthier intimate relationships in the future.

It’s important to note that the survey findings do not suggest that discussing sex with friends is exclusive to single individuals. The results indicate a higher prevalence of such conversations among singles, but this does not imply that those in relationships do not discuss their sex lives at all. Many couples also rely on their friends for support and advice regarding their intimate relationships, even though the percentage may be lower compared to singles.

Overall, this research highlights how the level of openness regarding sex differs between singles and those in relationships. While singles appear to be more inclined to talk about their sex lives with friends, it doesn’t diminish the importance of having a support system and seeking guidance for everyone, regardless of their relationship status. Honest and open conversations about sex can foster deeper connections, enhance sexual well-being, and contribute to personal growth, benefiting individuals both mentally and emotionally.

Source: A Global Survey of Sexual Behaviours




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Morgan Wallace

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