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Toy company mego released a cher doll in 1976 which became the highest selling doll of the year even beating out barbie

By Dana Jordan
Published in Celebrities
February 02, 2024
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Toy company mego released a cher doll in 1976 which became the highest selling doll of the year even beating out barbie

Toy company Mego released a Cher doll in 1976, which became the highest-selling doll of the year, even beating out Barbie.

Cher Doll

In 1976, the iconic toy company Mego made a groundbreaking move that would shake up the doll industry. They released a Cher doll, inspired by the famous American singer and actress with the same name. Little did they know that this decision would turn the doll into a sensation, quickly rising to the top of the charts and outselling even the legendary Barbie.

The release of the Cher doll marked a shift in the doll market. Mego recognized the growing popularity of Cher and decided to tap into her immense fan base. Their strategic move paid off, and the doll became the “must-have” toy of the year. Its success surpassed all expectations, overshadowing established favorites like Barbie.

The charm of the Cher doll fascinated both children and collectors alike. Mego put great effort into capturing the artist’s iconic style, from her long, sleek black hair to her stunning outfits. The doll featured multiple outfits inspired by Cher’s unique fashion sense, allowing children to experience the thrill of dressing up their own Cher doll.

Parents and collectors were equally drawn to the Cher doll. Its unprecedented success captured the imagination of the public and created a sense of urgency to acquire this iconic collectible. The doll’s limited availability further fueled demand, with many enthusiasts vying to add it to their collection.

Mego’s brilliant marketing tactics also contributed to the doll’s triumph. They cleverly amplified the hype around the Cher doll through various channels, including television advertisements, magazine features, and captivating in-store displays. Their efforts brought Cher’s glamour and star power directly into households across the nation, igniting a frenzy of excitement that pushed sales to unprecedented heights.

Cher Doll Ad

The success of the Cher doll not only broke records but also showcased the evolving tastes of toy consumers. Barbie had dominated the doll market for years, but the Cher doll’s triumph proved that there was room for fresh and innovative ideas. It highlighted the desire for diversity and represented a cultural shift in the perception of beauty and style.

Decades later, the impact of the Cher doll still resonates in the doll industry. Its success opened doors for other celebrity dolls and expanded the possibilities for toy manufacturers. Cher’s influence as a trendsetter and cultural icon played a significant role in the doll’s enduring popularity, making it a coveted collector’s item.

In conclusion, the release of the Cher doll by toy company Mego in 1976 created waves in the doll industry. With its exceptional sales numbers, it soared past the beloved Barbie and became the highest-selling doll of the year. Mego’s strategic marketing, combined with the public’s fascination with Cher, propelled the doll to success. Today, the Cher doll’s legacy lives on as a testament to the power of innovation and the enduring appeal of iconic figures.




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