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About 500 movies are made in the us and 800 in india annually
About 500 movies are made in the us and 800 in india annually
About 500 movies are made in the US and 800 in India annually. When it comes to the world of…
Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall
February 02, 2024
2 min
101 dalmatians peter pan lady and the tramp and mulan are the only disney cartoons where both parents are present and don t die throughout the movie
Actor john ratzenberger best known for playing cliff on cheers has voiced a character in every pixar film to date he s the only actor to do so
Actor warwick davis who played wicket the ewok in return of the jedi was also the actor for both hogwarts professor flitwick and gringotts goblin griphook in the harry potter films
After reading a good review of the book by robert block in the new york times alfred hitchcock paid 9000 for psycho s film rights he also financed the film himself
Agent coulson was originally a small part with no name in only two scenes in iron man but directo jon favreau liked his chemistry with the other characters so much he expanded the role
After the release of finding nemo in 2003 clown fish faced local extinction in areas where the fish breed and are collected for sale due to high demand in stores selling aquarium fish
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