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Arnold schoenberg suffered from triskaidekaphobia the fear of the number 13 he died at 76 7 6 13 on friday the 13th

By Elizabeth Marshall
Published in Spooky
February 02, 2024
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Arnold schoenberg suffered from triskaidekaphobia the fear of the number 13 he died at 76 7 6 13 on friday the 13th

Arnold Schoenberg: A Musical Genius with a Fear of the Number 13

Note: This article is based on factual information obtained from the source Wikipedia.

Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg, a prominent figure in the world of music, revolutionized classical composition with his unique atonal and twelve-tone techniques. His contributions to the development of modern music are immeasurable. However, behind his remarkable talent, Schoenberg harbored an unusual fear known as triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of the number 13.

Born on September 13, 1874, in Vienna, Austria, Schoenberg’s life became intricately intertwined with the number that caused him great distress. This fear stemmed from a deep-rooted superstition that has plagued many individuals throughout history. Although seemingly irrational, Schoenberg’s triskaidekaphobia played a peculiar role in his life.

Friday the 13th

Schoenberg’s peculiar relationship with the number 13 extended beyond mere fear. It affected his decisions in both his personal and professional life. In fact, he often went to great lengths to avoid any association with the number. For instance, he would never take the thirteenth step on a staircase or sit in the thirteenth row of a concert hall. This fear even influenced his choice of house numbers, ensuring that he would never reside in a home with a thirteen address.

Triskaidekaphobia also manifested in Schoenberg’s compositions. He frequently avoided using the number thirteen in any significant way within his musical works. This aversion to the number extended to his opus numbering system, where he deliberately skipped opus numbers such as 13 and 17.

The irony of Schoenberg’s fear can be found in the circumstances surrounding his death. On a seemingly ordinary day, Friday, July 13, 1951, Schoenberg’s life came to an end. Although one might dismiss it as pure coincidence, his death at the age of 76 (7+6=13) added an eerie twist to his fear of the number.

Despite his triskaidekaphobia, Schoenberg’s legacy resonates through his artistic creations. His innovative techniques paved the way for countless composers who followed in his footsteps. Today, Schoenberg’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide, transcending any superstitions or fears that may have haunted him.

In conclusion, Arnold Schoenberg’s fear of the number thirteen colored his life in many ways. From avoiding specific numbers in his compositions to meticulously selecting his living arrangements, his fear remained an intrinsic part of his existence. Although his triskaidekaphobia may seem irrational to some, it added a unique aspect to his already intricate personality.




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Elizabeth Marshall

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