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A black hole has no size yet it weighs millions of times more than our sun

By Dana Jordan
Published in For Kids
February 02, 2024
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A black hole has no size yet it weighs millions of times more than our sun

A Black Hole: A Weighty Mystery Without Size

Black Hole Image courtesy: The New York Times

Black holes are enigmatic cosmic entities that continue to captivate and mystify scientists and astrophysicists alike. These fascinating celestial objects possess an incredible mass, millions or even billions of times greater than our sun, yet they are believed to have no size. How can something be so heavy and yet have no physical dimensions? Let’s delve into the mind-boggling nature of black holes and uncover this weighty mystery.

The Phenomenon of Black Holes

Black Hole Image courtesy: Daily Amazing Things

To comprehend the peculiar nature of black holes, we must first understand their formation. A black hole is born from the remnants of a massive star that has completed its life cycle. When such a star exhausts its nuclear fuel, it undergoes a catastrophic event known as a supernova explosion, which is a dramatic grand finale. The core of the star collapses under its immense gravitational force, leading to the formation of a black hole.

Gravitational Collapse and Sizelessness

At the heart of a black hole lies a remarkably dense region called a singularity. It is an infinitesimally small point, virtually devoid of space and volume. The gravitational forces within this region are extraordinarily intense, so much so that nothing, not even light, can escape its clutches. This boundary beyond which nothing can escape is known as the event horizon.

Since all the mass of a black hole is concentrated within the singularity, it doesn’t have a discernible size in the conventional sense. We cannot assign a physical measurement to it. Nevertheless, we can infer the size of a black hole indirectly by examining its event horizon, which is the point of no return, marking the boundary from which there is no escape.

Weight in the Absence of Size

The mind-bending aspect of black holes is their incredible weight for an object that lacks size. But how does a black hole acquire such immense mass without having any perceivable dimensions? The answer lies in the concept of gravitational attraction.

Gravity, the force that binds objects together, is directly related to mass. The greater the mass, the stronger the gravitational pull. So, when a star collapses upon itself, the mass becomes increasingly concentrated in a central point, eventually giving rise to a singularity within a black hole. This concentration of mass within an infinitely small space results in an overwhelming gravitational force, leading to the astronomical weight of black holes.

The Grand Mysteries of Black Holes

While black holes continue to perplex scientists, their study and exploration have shed light on various cosmic phenomena. The extreme gravitational forces exerted by black holes influence the surrounding space, time, and matter in profound ways. They have the power to distort the fabric of space and time, giving rise to mind-boggling phenomena like time dilation and gravitational waves.

Moreover, black holes play a crucial role in the evolution of galaxies. As they consume matter from their surroundings, they release colossal amounts of energy in the form of high-energy radiation and powerful jets of particles. These energetic emissions have the potential to shape the formation of stars within galaxies and even influence the overall structure of the universe itself.


Unveiling the mysteries of black holes is an ongoing endeavor that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge and scientific understanding. The paradoxical nature of their weightiness without size challenges our perception of the cosmos and forces us to question the fundamental laws of physics. As astronomers continue to observe and study these enigmatic cosmic entities, we inch closer to unraveling the secrets they hold and expanding our understanding of the universe we inhabit.

Source: The mysteries of black holes


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A black hole is created when big stars explode its gravitational force is so strong that nothing can escape from it luckily the closest black hole is about 10 000 light years from earth
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